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W-L Predictions for the Vikings 2022 Season #SKOL

If you're like me, you cannot wait for football season. Well, luckily for you, I can spoil the entire season for you right here, right now, today. If you're a Vikings' fan, wondering how the season is going to go, read this article and it will tell you everything you need to know. So, who are the Vikings going to beat this year, and who will take them down?

vs Green Bay (W)

Starting off the season with Green Bay coming to Minnesota is a tough ask for both teams. The Vikings hold a small lead in this series since the arrival of Kirk Cousins, so I expect the Vikings to come out and get a win week one. The reason is because the Vikings have offensive continuity, as to where the Packers will just be learning themselves coming into this game.

- MIN 27 - GB 21 (1-0)

@ Philadelphia (W)

The Reagor vs Jefferson Bowl, we already know who won it. The Eagles had one of the best off-seasons in the league with the addition of AJ Brown, but consider me one of Jalen Hurts doubters. I think he will be okay, but not good enough to lead Philly anywhere big time. The Vikings win this one.

- MIN 31 - PHI 20 (2-0)

vs Detroit (W)

Revenge for beating the Vikings at the last second one year ago. This Lions team is set up for future success, but as of this year I think they'll still be bad, just not as bad as the two years previous. Jamison Williams may or may not be playing yet at this point, and if he is I would put slightly more stock into a DET W, but for now, the Vikings start off their season on a three game win streak.

- MIN 24 - DET 17 (3-0)

@ New Orleans (L)

This New Orleans team is going to be better than some expect. I have been a Jameis Winston believer for about 10 years now, and right when he finally seemed to have it figured out last season, he got hurt. They will now have Michael Thomas back, so we'll have to see what he looks like, but for now, I think the Saints get us in a nail biter.

Bold prediction: This is the first game where FG kicking bites the Vikings in the ass, as there are multiples of yearly.

- MIN 20 - NO 21 (3-1)

vs Chicago (W)

The Chicago Bears are right now probably the front runners to land Will Anderson with the

#1 overall pick in next years draft, and it's for that reason I have the Vikes blowing them out here. They lost ARob, not that he was producing with Justin Fields anyways, but now its solely the Darnell Mooney show. If Fields doesn't take a step toward superstardom, wins are going to be hard to come by for this team.

- MIN 38 - CHI 17 (4-1)

@ Miami (L)

I am so incredibly intrigued by this Miami offense. Jaylen Waddle was my favorite rookie WR last year, and now they have Tyreek Hill. The Vikings CB room isn't built to contain guys that run in the high 4.2s, so I just have a feeling they will carve us up. The offense will keep us in the game, but much like 2021, the defense will have a hard time holding up its end of the bargain.

- MIN 24 - MIA 34 (4-2)

vs Arizona (W)

Deandre Hopkins is on board to return the week before this game for the Cardinals, but that doesn't change my belief that the Vikings are a better football team. The Vikings will have some trouble slowing the Cards offense down, but the Cardinals will have a tougher time stoping the Vikings offense. This one looks to be a shootout, and I hope it is, because those are always fun.

- MIN 41 - ARI 38 (5-2)

@ Washington (L)

Vikings fans everywhere know that there's always one game every season where the team comes out and looks like a JV powderpuff team. This is my choice for it. I expected the Washington defense to be elite last year, but it wasn't. This year Chase Young is back fully healthy so I again expect their D to be pretty good. With that said, it's tough to predict when the Vikings stinker is going to come, but this is my guess.

- MIN 10 - WAS 24 (5-3)

@ Buffalo (L)

The best roster in the NFL and my pick to come out and win the AFC, the Bills are stacked! Josh Allen can win a game by himself, but he won't have to in this one. The Vikings will put up a decent fight in the first half, but slowly the Bills will wear them down after halftime.

- MIN 17 - BUF 28 (5-4)

vs Dallas (W)

Last year the Vikings lost to the Cowboys on primetime television, and Dak Prescott didn't even play. Hopefully that is in the front of every Vikings mind heading into this one, and they show Dallas what they're really all about. These two teams are about on the same level to me, so this will be a great game.

- MIN 24 - DAL 17 (6-4)

vs New England (W)

Bill Belicheck and Mac Jones make their way to US Bank Stadium, just to leave unhappy. The Pats get less and less scary every year, as a move for Devante Parker this offseason was their biggest move. Not to mention they used their 1st round pick on a D3 OG. The Belicheck defense will be tough to exploit, but if anyone can do it, it's Justin Jefferson.

- MIN 31 - NE 21 (7-4)

vs NYJ (W)

Although we recently learned about the DAWG that is Zach Wilson, he will come into US Bank and lose. I loved Zach Wilson in his class, expect him to break out this year, but it won't happen this week. The Jets had a phenomenal offseason, so I do expect improvement, but not enough to come into Minnesota and get a W.

- MIN 21 - NYJ 14 (8-4)

@ Detroit (W)

Here we are with the Lions again, and this time the Vikings go into Detroit and get the job done. I expect the Lions to look pretty solid by this point in the season, so beating them will not be easy. However, I think we have enough to get it done, even as the Lions come into their own.

- MIN 27 - DET 24 (9-4)

vs Indianapolis (L)

I expect some improvement out of Indy this year with the snag of former MVP QB Matt Ryan. There are some pieces on this Colts roster that I love, most notably Michael Pittman Jr and Kwity Paye, not to mention they added Stephon Gilmore to the secondary. This Colts team is going to be really good, and they prove it here against the Vikings.

- MIN 13 - IND 21 (9-5)

vs NYG (W)

The only people scared of the Giants, are Giants fans. Danny Dimes heads into another year where the majority of people think he sucks, consider me a part of the majority there. I do expect the Giants to be slightly better than they were in 2021, but nothing major like pushing for a playoff appearance.

- MIN 37 - NYG 27 (10-5)

@ Green Bay (L)

The Packers and Vikings have a knack for splitting the season series, so that's what I predict. We get them at home, they get us at home. Winning in Lambeau is hard, but the Vikings have proved it's not impossible. This game could play a big decider in who wins the NFC North.

- MIN 23 - GB 34 (10-6)

@ Chicago (W)

And we finish the season with the Bears, as it seems it always is. Revert back to what I said about them earlier potentially having the #1 overall pick. Perhaps they are battling for it, so barely have the team show up this week. As a Vikings fan, I wouldn't mind that at all, but what they can't do is spoil our playoff berth like they did a few years back.

- MIN 28 - CHI 10 (11-6)

There ya have it folks! The Minnesota Vikings will go 11-6, clinch a playoff berth, and compete for the NFC North title. Now that you don't have to watch football every Sunday, you can spend time doing things to better your mental health and life as a whole, as watching Vikings football is sure to mess that up. #SKOL