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Want baseball? Shorten the Season

Updated: Mar 18

First spring training game was suppose to start this week. And the final game of the World Series would take place sometime in November. That is over 9 months of baseball; 3.5 hours per game, 162 regular season games per team, 43 post season games. That is well over 17,000 hours of baseball. Split that into work weeks, that is 425 work weeks. 52 weeks in a year... that is about 8 years of working in just one baseball season.

Now you have your fans like Beasty, that will watch all 17,000 hours of baseball this season, if we have one. But the normal fan or the "casual" fan in his case, will watch about 200 hours. Still sounds like a ton right! But that is roughly about 60 games from first pitch to final, given the 3.5 hours per game. And guess what, that is right about where the number of baseball games should be played.

Now, don't get it twist, I (buck) enjoy a good baseball game, or heck even a series over the weekend. But my life will not be consumed by baseball for the next 9 months. Just wont happen. I have little league to coach, a high school season to prep for, the best damn sports show on the plan to do, and some how give my other of some time. Now I do agree that 60 games is a bit short. But an ideal baseball season is as followed. You can play a game during the week. Like my man Rob said, make it a Tuesday night prime time game. Then rest until Friday night. Play that game, then a double hitter on Saturday, and a prime time game on Sunday. That still gives you 4 MLB games for your team a week. Start Memorial Day and play until October. October 31st, should be game 7 of the World Series. That is 22 weeks of baseball. And that gives us around 88 games.

So for all you baseball nuts out there, I know I will never hear the end of this, but you want baseball to last.... Do this now.