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Watson Says "No" to the Browns, but Wait, What's This?

Watson to the Browns can help them no doubt. But he will probably struggle to start the season, it is just how long will he struggle that might hurt Cleveland. Like does he struggle for three games or eight. This will be a huge gamble in the first season he is with Cleveland because he has not played in over a year at this point and there will be some rust.

Another thing not being considered is Watson may be suspended a few games and it will just make things worse. If this is the case then 2022 will not be the Browns season, and the team will have to wait for their star quarterback into 2023.

The Browns offensive line may need work because Baker Mayfield was sacked the fourth most times in the NFL. While the blame cannot solely be placed on the quarterback or the line, it is something to monitor. If the same happens with Watson, this could signal Cleveland to rebuild the line to protect their new, big investment.

Moving to Amari Cooper and Watson pairing, solid. Cooper tied his career-high in touchdowns this season but failed to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark. That may be a product of playing 15 of the 17 games, or the emergence of Ceedee Lamb. But with a dangerous pairing like that, it could help shift the offense to be less reliant on Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb. Both running backs battled a share of injuries in 2021, so spreading the offense may help the duo stay healthy.

Overall, with Watson on the field this makes Cleveland better because he’s shown in the past how capable of a quarterback he is. The big question is when he will hit said field with the accusations still looming.

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