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What does the "Safety" change mean for the Kansas City Chiefs? | #chiefskingdom

The Veteran Safety Tyrann Mathieu this off-season agreed to a 3-year contract valued at $28.3 million with the New Orleans Saints and this led to the Chiefs signing Justin Reid in a 3-year deal worth $31.5 million. The Chiefs now have a much younger player in Justin Reid who's 25 years old after they let go of Tyrann Mathieu, a 4-time All-Pro player with 3-pro ball appearances and was in the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team.

The Chiefs have lost a leader in Tyrann Mathieu and that will be largely felt in the team's defensive coordination as he was believed to be the leader both one and off the field. Tyrann Mathieu in his three years with the Chiefs went to three consecutive AFC Championship Games and two Super Bowls, winning one. One clear thing is the Chiefs have lost a Veteran in Tyrann Mathieu and they took a hit on this one but did a sign a worthy replacement?.

Who's Justin Reid

Justin Reid was a third-round pick for the Houston Texans and he transformed over his time with the Texans into arguably the best player on defense and a very important piece to the team. Justin Reid is a physical player, and his quick reaction time is one for the books, he's a lead-by-example kind of guy who fits into the role Tyrann Mathieu filled in his time with the Chiefs. Justin Reid is young, his best season is yet to come for a player of his Calibre.

How do Reid and Mathieu compare? What are the Chiefs getting?

Tyrann Mathieu was the better player last season, his Pro Football Focus grade was 67.3 while Reid's was 50.8. Specifically, Tyrann Mathieu was better in coverage with a 76.4 grading compared to Reid's coverage grading of 45.3. Although one area where Reid was better than Mathieu was run defense. Reid graded 65.1 in run defense while Mathieu graded 47.4. Reid's coverage might be a matter of concern for the Kansas City Chiefs as he may pose to be a liability in pass defense. The good news is we can attribute some part of Reid's poor coverage to playing on a bad Texans team last season and hope he'd do better with the Chiefs. Reid is young and there's certainly room for improvement.