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Who is the breakout player for the Dallas Cowboys D-Line? | #DallasCowboys

If you've watched how the Dallas Cowboys offseason unfolded, then you know how their defensive line was almost destroyed with Randy Gregory signing with the Denver Broncos and DeMarcus Lawrence close to leaving the team. While guys like Lawrence and Micah Parsons can carry most of the load, they still need one or two guys to breakout and help them dominate defensive lines.

The biggest candidate to do so in 2022 is Neville Gallimore, the interior defensive lineman from Oklahoma who did a very nice job in 2021 even though he was battling an elbow injury. During OTAs, lots of Cowboys reporters said that he looked bigger and faster, and it's understood he added 16 pounds of muscle during the offseason, which will give him more of an advantage against offensive lineman when the season kicks around. The idea for Dallas is for Gallimore to operate in a Michael Bennett-Seahawks role, working as a pass rusher but lining up through the inside.

Gallimore is again healthy and should take a bigger role in Dan Quinn's defense, which was one of the brightest spots for the Cowboys in 2021. He will have the opportunity to operate like a third-down lineman this season, not only doing the dirty work against the running game but pressuring in third downs as well.

Dallas needs him to break out this season. He's the kind of cheap, useful player that teams love to use while they're in their rookie contracts. If I had to bet $100 in a Cowboys player to break out this season, my money would be on Gallimore.

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