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Who Starts Week One for the Seahawks?| #GoHawks

Week 1 on the NFL season is coming very fast and with Mini Camps starting this week, lets dive into the Seahawks quarterback situation.

Right now as mini camp is starting Geno Smith comes in slated as QB1. Geno hasn't started a full season since 2014. That season he played just 13 games and went 3-10 as the Jets quarterback. He just threw for over 2500 yards along with 13 touchdowns and 13 ints.

Since that point he has played in just 16 games. He had 3 more starts with the Jets. Two with the Giants. Five for the Chargers. Four with the Seahawks. However he has only started 5 of those games, and has a record of 2-3. So what does the 32 year old quarterback that has been a career back up really bring to the Seahawks? Well, on the surface nothing. He has a losing record as a starter, her has more ints then touchdowns (34 td to 37 int), and a career completion percentage of just under 58. Bring side, he does have 6917 yards passing in his 8 year career.

So truly the only real thing Geno Smith brings to the team is that he has been in the system going on his 3rd season. Also that he is a great locker room guy, teammates and coaching staff love him. Ok great but does that put numbers in the win column. I'll wait.

Now lets look at the 4th year quarterback that Seattle got in the trade of Russ; Drew Lock. Drew also have a losing career record at 8-13. Least he has more touchdowns and ints, with a 25 touchdowns to just 20 ints. Trending up right? He also has 4740 yards passing in his three year career. However, much like Geno, Drew Lock has yet to play a full season. His rookie season he started just 5 games, went 4-1 however. Year tow he started 13 games and went 4-9. And last season he started just in three games going 0-3.

But lets look beyond those numbers, lets look how Drew has a better completion percentage than Geno at just under 60%. Lets also look how Drew Lock hasn't really got a fair shake in Denver for whatever reason.

So when we look at the starting quarterback spot in Seattle in 2022, the starter isn't on the roster right now. The starter is currently sitting in Cleveland waiting to be cut/released. And his name is Baker Mayfield! If the Seahawks want to win this season they will get Baker, however, if you want a first overall pick so with Geno Smith. If you want to be .500 but have something to build on start Drew Lock.

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