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Will Cole Strange succeed?

Last week in the draft, the New England Patriots made a surprising draft choice that shocked the NFL community. They took Guard Cole Strange with the 29th Pick in the draft. Everyone was surprised because they didn’t expect strange to go this early, especially in the first round. It was so bad that the LA Rams head coach Sean McVay laughed about it and aimed to select Strange in the draft, but with the 104th Pick, that would have been the 4th round. I decided to look into strange scouting reports and his college record, and so far, it looks decent.

Cole Strange Profile

So far, Cole Strange plays Guard, mostly left guard, in his career and will be playing at that position for the Patriots. Strange is from Tennessee and played for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for five years. He is 6ft5 and weighs over 300 pounds, so he already has the status as a guard in the NFL.

He played defensive end in high school but switched to offensive guard when he arrived at college. He was a redshirt freshman but played every game and every minute from sophomore year to senior. He is versatile. He moved between the left guard, left tackle and center. He can play in many positions if needed. Belichick selected him because of his versatility and durability. And finally, he has a degree in Psychology and studying to purser a master’s in Engineering Management; he is an intelligent person.

Can he succeed in the NFL?

Will Cole Strange succeed? My answer is yes. Yes, he didn’t play at a higher level in college, but many players who have played at the same or even lower level than Strange have succeeded and done great things in the NFL. I think everyone was surprised that he was selected in the first round. Based on what I’ve heard, everybody has good things to say about Strange just wasn’t expected to be chosen early.

But Bill Belichick at the press conference post-draft did say if you like the player, you draft the player, and somewhat I agree. The scouts graded him highly and were invited to the college bowl, so he seems legit, and he gave up only one sack throughout his college career. He has work to do and things to improve on, but at the Patriots and with the Patriots way, he will be a great player and become one of the best guards in the league for years to come.