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Will Ezekiel Elliott return to his best in 2022? | #DallasCowboys

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the Dallas Cowboys' superstars ever since he was the fourth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. As Elliott quickly ascended to one of the NFL's best running backs, everyone projected him to have a successful and long career helping Dallas to win more Super Bowls in a double with Dak Prescott.

But after signing a major contract extension in August 2019, the game hasn't been that kind to Elliott. His numbers started to drop slightly that year until a major dropoff in 2020. He did get back to 1000 rushing yards last year but that was on the back of a 4.2 yards per carrying, one of the worst marks of his career. His burst and explosiveness looked off at times.

The problem for the Cowboys is that, while Elliott isn't the same back as before, his salary remains one of the biggest for the position. We all know it's never the best of the ideas to give a huge contract extension to a running back, and Elliott is a great proof of that - just consider how the Cowboys found an excellent backup with Tony Pollard at a cost not even close to Elliott's.

It's time for Elliott to get back to his best if he wants to help the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. There's no denying how talented he is, but at this point, he needs to take it off the paper and show us on the field. Otherwise, he's just going to be a massive waste of money in 2022.