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Will Isiah Pacheco be Tyreek Hill's replacement? | #ChiefsKingdom

Isiah Pacheco, the running back who emerged as the seventh-round, 251st overall pick of the 2022 NFL draft might have some heavy responsibilities on his shoulder and one of them which is probably the most important is filling in the shoes of the Chiefs' former superstar WR, Tyreek Hill. Unfortunately, he won't be replacing Tyreek Hill on the offensive ends. He's poised to be a worthy candidate at filling in former Tyreek's defensive duties as a kick returner.

Why is Pacheco perfect for this role?

The 5'11 and 21lbs strong and explosive running back has got the Chiefs fan clamouring about his selection by the Chiefs in the draft. He's tied for the fastest 40-yard time at the NFL combine with 4.37 40-yard speed and this will pinpoint the reason for his comparison with Tyreek Hill but more on the defensive ends. Pacheco gives a nostalgic feeling of Tyreek Hill's rookie year where he returned 39 punts and 14 kickoffs, scoring three total touchdowns. He added four kickoff returns in the playoffs that year. With Pacheco potentially taking the Number 10 jersey formerly worn by Tyreek Hill, the fans might just be reliving their memories of watching Tyreek Hill play.

The Kick return position is physically demanding and Pacheco might just be the best fit for the position. With the flashes of speed, he showed at the NFL combine, Pacheco might as well break into the Chiefs' active rooster even if it's as part of the special team.

Pacheco might not bring much offensively to the already stacked Chief's running back rooster but he adds depth to them.