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Will Mac Jones succeed in his second year in the NFL? | #ForeverNE

Mac Jones enters his second year in NFL as the New England Patriots' Quarterback. After a promising season as a rookie, the question is can he succeed in His rookie season? The expectation is high for Jones, and the Pats Nation will be relying on him to achieve great success for the team. In his rookie season, Jones threw for 3,801 passing yards, with 22 touchdowns & 13 interceptions. He had the highest passer ratings for a rookie with 92.5 & one of the highest in completion percentage. With those stats, he did make it to the pro-bowl, but he still made it as a replacement.

This season he will get better, and with changes being made on both sides of the ball, I believe Jones has better weapons this year than last year. Jones still has some improvements to work on, especially since throwing over 20 yards is the main one. Trying to throw it long has been Jones's weakness, and it caused many interceptions last year. With training camp and pre-season, we will see if Jones has improved or is still Suffering bad habits. He is a good player and has always been since his college days in Alabama. In his final season at Alabama, he throws for 4,500 passing yards, with 41 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He had a lot of talented players at college, he was raw, but the promising signs were there to see.

He will be more protected this year than last year. He suffered many sacks the previous year because of a lack of protection, but hopefully, things change based on the Patriot's Off-season transactions. I genuinely believe Jones will have a better season this year, and people will start mentioning him as a top 10 quarterback in the league; he still has haters and people that are still doubting his leadership, abilities, and IQ, but if things go, everything as planned, he will shut the haters down. People will have to give him his props.