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Will Mecole Hardman flourish in his new role with the Chiefs? | #ChiefsKingdom

With Tyreek Hill gone, Mecole Hardman is the only performing and familiar WR left for Patrick Mahomes and will have no problem adjusting to the new-look offence since he's used to the system. Still, one question comes to mind, will he be ready to take on the pressure to deliver on a higher level for the Chiefs as he's no longer in the shadow of Tyreek Hill and will now have to take on more defensive pressure from opposing teams.

The way Tyreek Hill played in his time with the Chiefs, he drew a lot more attention from the defence and this allowed players like Mecole Hardman to play more freely. That's no more the case for the 2019 second-round pick anymore and he'd now have to step up and be the man for the Kansas City Chiefs. One thing that might be worrying is that Mecole Hardman is not all that consistent in his performance though he had 59 catches for 693 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 2021 season, he needs to improve on those statistics now that more expectations are on him to deliver on the offensive ends.

Things to note about Mecole Hardman is that he's got almost the same skill set as Tyreek Hill. Mecole Hardman has the speed and quickness, can run with the ball and he's aggressive on offence. Next season will be his fourth in the league and also his contract year. He has probably the biggest season in his career ahead of him and his performance will be a career-defining one.