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Will the Patriots make the playoffs? #ForeverNE

I mentioned in my previous article that I will talk about if the patriots can make the playoffs. AFC East will be competitive like never before; the Bills are the front runners and the best team in the division. The Patriots are the second-best team in the division, while the jets & dolphins will fight it out for the third and fourth place.

Will the Patriots make the playoffs?

Will they? The answer is yes; they will make the playoffs once again. The record will be different from last year's. Last year the Patriots made it to the playoffs with an 11-6 record. They came second best and then a loss to rivals Bills At the wildcard.

Quarterback Mac Jones will enter his second year in the NFL with complete confidence and experience. He made it to the pro bowl as a replacement, but he has a pro bowl on his resume. Bill Belichick, the head coach, must go hard this season. Ever since Tom Brady left the Patriots, Belichick has made some questionable decisions that have affected the Patriots. In the first season without Brady, he failed to make the playoffs. The patriots just made it in the second year but were outmatched by the bills. Belichick will lead the team to the playoffs, that is no doubt, but when the Patriots get to the playoffs, people will question Belichick. Tom Brady won the Superbowl on his first try in his first season at the Buccaneers. You must admit that has brought a bitter feeling for Belichick, and people have wondered if the Patriot’s way was Brady’s way along.

The schedule hasn't been released yet, but I think the patriots will achieve the same record as the current squad, make it to the playoffs, and lose the wildcard game. We must wait for the schedule to come out first, so we can get a complete picture, but in the meantime, that's where I stand with the patriots.