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Za’Darius bet on himself and got paid

The Vikings land outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith with a three-years, $42 million deal. If he reaches his incentives he can be worth $47 million, according to sources. Prior to signing with the Vikings he had reportedly agreed to a four-year $35 million contract, but backed out thinking he could get more elsewhere after seeing Von Miller and Chandler Jones signing larger deals with the Bills and Raiders, respectively.

It’s a gamble to decline what's being offered to you in order to look for even larger sums of money elsewhere. It reminds me of NBA’s Dennis Schröder declining the Lakers’ offer of $85 million, four-year deal, only to later accept a one year-deal with the Celtics worth $5 million. Clearly, he overestimated his value in the league.

Smith, on the other hand, had a vision and a goal and it paid off, literally speaking. Good for him. Being a linebacker for the Greenbay Packers last year where he definitely catapulted their defense. We’ll see if he’s worth that extra money The Vikings are paying him.

What do you think? Is Smith worth that extra money?

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