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Zach Ertz Requests Release from Arizona Cardinals

Zach Ertz's time with the Arizona Cardinals has come to an end, as the veteran tight end has requested and been granted his release from the team. The news, first reported by former Cardinals teammate J.J. Watt and confirmed by the team, marks a significant development for Ertz as he seeks opportunities with a contender for the remainder of the season.

Ertz's journey with the Cardinals began with a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2021 season, as he bid a tearful farewell to his former team and embraced the prospect of joining a competitive franchise in Arizona. During his tenure with the Cardinals, Ertz made significant contributions, recording 56 receptions for 574 yards and three touchdowns in the 2021 season. However, as the team transitioned towards a rebuild in

2023, Ertz found himself facing a reduced role, particularly with the emergence of rookie tight end Trey McBride. With McBride's increasing impact on the field and the Cardinals' shift in focus, it became apparent that Ertz would likely not be part of the team's plans beyond the 2023 season. As the Cardinals struggled with a 2-10 record, Ertz made the decision to pursue opportunities with a contender for the remaining six weeks of the regular season.

Despite being under contract through 2024 following a three-year deal with the Cardinals in 2022, Ertz's release opens the possibility for him to contribute his experience and production to a team in need of a reliable threat at the tight end position. While the likelihood of seeing out his contract in Arizona seems uncertain, Ertz's availability presents an opportunity for teams seeking to bolster their roster with a seasoned and accomplished player.

As Ertz embarks on this new chapter in his career, his release from the Cardinals sets the stage for potential opportunities and a fresh start with a new team as the NFL season progresses.

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