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Zeke is the Least Valuable Player in the NFL

Each year we vote for the MVP, ROY, etc. But here at the Man Hour we see the whole picture. And this year we bring you the LVP, Least Valuable Player. When I look at the LVP its easy to say players like, Jarred Goff or Trevor Lawrence, players that didn't live up to their hype. But I am going to give you a player that not only did they not live up to their hype, highest paid running back in the league, but a player that yard for yard was the most costly. That player is none other than Ezekiel Elliott. Before you get all butt hurt #DallasCowboys fans, hear me out. Lets look at the stats, Week 1, 33 yards. Yes, it was against at the time the best defense in the league and then the next 4 weeks, 71, 96, 143, and 110 yard games. All pretty good games. Then he only broke 53 yards per game one more time for the rest of the season which was a 87 yard game vs the Eagles. You are paying a $50m over the next 6 season, no counting the signing bonus, to have 2.....TWO 100 yard games this season. Give me a break. That's why my vote for the LVP is Zeke.