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49ers are Foolish

The Trey Lance era in San Francisco may be coming to an end before it even gets started, as per NFL Networks' Ian Rapoport. The 49ers have received inquiries about trading Lance, although they are not actively seeking trades for him. Lance's time in San Francisco has been hindered by injuries and missed opportunities, with him sitting behind Garoppolo his rookie year and then getting injured in his second year just as he was supposed to take over the reins.

Despite this, the 49ers signed Sam Darnold in the offseason, giving them more depth at the QB position. Niners GM John Lynch has said that the three quarterbacks - Lance, Darnold, and Purdy - will compete for the starting position, with Purdy currently in the lead.

If the 49ers were to trade Lance, there are three teams that could benefit from his talents. The Texans, who have not been impressed by the QBs outside of Young, could trade for Lance and develop him in a new environment. Lance has experience in the Niners' offensive system, and Texans OC Bobby Slowik worked closely with him in San Francisco. The Vikings, looking to find a successor to Cousins, could draft Lance and allow him to develop behind Cousins, while the Titans, who will need to rebuild after the 2023 season, could choose to build their team around Lance, especially since GM Ran Carthon has seen Lance up close and personal in San Francisco.

However, the 49ers should consider keeping Lance, as his potential is still unknown. While he may not have performed well in his limited playing time, he still has the traits and tools to be a top-tier QB in the NFL. If given the chance to compete for the starting position, Lance's athleticism and potential could give him an edge over Purdy and Darnold. If Lance can play to his potential in practice, he should be the starting QB for the 49ers.


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