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Aaron Rodgers' Latest Trade Rumors: Will He Go to the Jets?

Aaron Rodgers expressed his desire to play for the New York Jets in 2023 almost a month ago, but the highly-anticipated trade has not yet happened.

Negotiations between the Packers and Jets are assumed to have been ongoing for the past month, but with the 2023 NFL Draft approaching, time is running out for Green Bay to potentially use the compensation they receive for the four-time MVP.

Packers president Mark Murphy refused to disclose whether or not a trade is being considered when asked for an update on Tuesday, stating that GMs Brian Gutekunst and Joe Douglas have been in talks.

Gutekunst previously stated that the Jets' No. 13 overall pick is not essential in a deal for Rodgers, but receiving premier picks or players is crucial. The Packers could afford negotiations to last until May or June, but with Jordan Love set to become the starting quarterback, they have yet to upgrade their roster this offseason.

The Jets remain optimistic about the trade, but Murphy has been tight-lipped throughout the speculation.


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