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 AFC South Showdown: Titans vs. Texans Rematch Preview

Get ready for a clash of AFC South rivals as the Tennessee Titans gear up to face the Houston Texans once more, this time at the NRG Stadium. This Sunday matchup holds the promise of redemption for the Titans (5-10) after their recent defeat on home turf against the Texans (8-7). With the earlier game stretching into overtime and culminating in a Houston victory, the Titans are set to turn the tide in a pivotal rematch at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Will the Texans secure another win against their rivals, or can the Titans salvage a split this season?

The Tennessee Titans' season has been marred by tough losses, dimming their playoff hopes. Recent defeats, each decided by a slim margin, have highlighted glaring issues within the team. The Titans' offense is struggling, averaging a mere 4.9 yards per play, ranking 26th in the league. Even Derrick Henry, typically a powerhouse, is experiencing his least efficient season with 3.9 yards per carry. Additionally, the Titans' quarterbacks have faced considerable pressure, being sacked 56 times, ranking 28th in the league. Scoring an average of 18.3 points per game, the team is desperate for a late-season resurgence before addressing crucial offseason adjustments.

However, the Titans' defense presents a more resilient front despite recent setbacks. Jeffery Simmons' absence due to injury poses a challenge, yet the team manages to limit rush attempts to 3.8 yards per rush, ranking 7th, and allowing an average of 21.4 points per game, ranking 14th. Nonetheless, vulnerabilities exist, notably in conceding 7.4 yards per pass attempt and a concerning trend of faltering during away games.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans remain in contention despite a recent lopsided defeat. With their fate in their own hands, the Texans eye a wild-card spot or potentially even the AFC South crown with two wins and favorable outcomes elsewhere. Quarterback C.J. Stroud's return to the lineup provides a much-needed boost to their passing game, ranking impressively in yards per pass attempt and total passing yards despite a struggling offensive line. Their prowess in the passing game compensates for a lackluster rushing attack, averaging 3.8 yards per carry.

Defensively, the Texans exhibit strength against the run, allowing minimal rushing yards and yards per attempt. However, their vulnerability lies in defending against the pass, conceding 7.8 yards per pass attempt, which has been exploited in recent games.

As the rematch looms, both teams seek redemption and vital victories to shape their postseason prospects. For the Titans, it's about salvaging pride and ending the season on a high note. Conversely, the Texans aim to capitalize on their home advantage and secure a crucial win to strengthen their playoff aspirations.

The stage is set for an intense showdown where each team's strengths and weaknesses will be put to the test. Will the Titans avenge their previous loss, or will the Texans continue their dominance and push closer to playoff contention? Only the clash on Sunday will reveal the answer.

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