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Steelers Pulling Off Blockbuster Trade - Allen Robinson Set to Join the Team!

According to NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero, Allen Robinson will not be staying with the Los Angeles Rams beyond the 2022 season as the Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers are finalizing a trade deal for him. The Steelers have been given permission to conduct a physical examination on Robinson and, if he passes, he is expected to join the team. The deal will see the Steelers paying $5 million of Robinson's salary in 2023, while the Rams will cover the remaining $10.25 million. As part of the trade, the Rams will receive a 2023 seventh-round pick from the Steelers in exchange for Robinson and a 2023 seventh-rounder.

Robinson was signed by the Rams as a highly regarded free agent to replace Robert Woods and provide an upgrade at the wide receiver position. However, he was unable to establish a connection with quarterback Matthew Stafford, and injuries also disrupted the team's ambitions in 2022. In contrast to his impressive performances in 2019 and 2020, Robinson's combined yardage and touchdowns over the past two seasons have been underwhelming. At 29 years old, some have questioned whether he has lost his edge or if he was simply overlooked in the Rams' offense.

In Pittsburgh, Robinson will have the opportunity to be the third option in a developing offense led by young quarterback Kenny Pickett, who has shown promise in building chemistry with fellow 2022 draft classmate George Pickens and veteran Diontae Johnson. As an experienced pass catcher, Robinson should be a valuable addition to the team's young core of playmakers.


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