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What Happened After Odell Beckham Jr Signed With The Ravens?

After agreeing to join the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. partied with quarterback Lamar Jackson in Miami. However, during his introductory press conference on Thursday in Baltimore, Beckham stated that he did not receive any assurances from Jackson that he would definitely be in Baltimore this season, saying that life is uncertain and we only know what has happened in the past.

Despite the uncertainty, Beckham expressed his excitement about the possibility of Jackson being the one throwing him the ball in 2023, but acknowledged that it's ultimately up to the Ravens' GM and head coach. Ravens GM Eric DeCosta confirmed that he has spoken to Jackson since the QB made a trade request on March 2 but has not had any discussions since the Beckham deal was made.

DeCosta expressed the team's continued support for Jackson, stating that he's the right player to lead the team to success and that the organization, locker room, and fanbase all know it.

He also expressed hope for a long-term deal with Jackson, and said that he can't imagine a situation where the team wouldn't want him on the roster in September.

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