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Zack Moss Steps Up as Jonathan Taylor Sidelined for Colts' Week 13 Showdown

As the Indianapolis Colts approach Week 13, they find themselves in a familiar position, once again without the services of star running back Jonathan Taylor due to a thumb injury. Stepping into the spotlight is Zack Moss, who is prepared to take on the challenge and make an impact for the team.

Moss expressed his readiness for the task, emphasizing the importance of preparation in the unpredictable landscape of the NFL. Having previously excelled when called upon, Moss is poised to once again showcase his abilities and provide a reliable option for the Colts' backfield.

During his previous opportunities as the primary ball carrier, Moss demonstrated his capabilities by surpassing 100 rushing yards

in two games, showcasing his versatility and contributing significantly to the team's offensive efforts. His impressive performances, including leading the NFL in rushing yards during a span from Weeks 2 through 6, underscore the depth and quality options available in the Colts' backfield beyond Taylor.

As Moss prepares to take on a more prominent role in the absence of Taylor, his teammates have expressed confidence in his abilities to deliver on the field. Linebacker Zaire Franklin acknowledged the impact of Taylor's absence while expressing optimism about Moss' contributions, highlighting the team's collective faith in his abilities.

Quarterback Gardner Minshew also lauded Moss's skill set, recognizing his ability to excel as a dynamic and impactful runner. With the support of his teammates and the coaching staff, Moss is poised to make a meaningful impact as he prepares to lead the Colts' rushing attack in the upcoming game against division rival Tennessee.

As Moss gears up to face a Tennessee defense that is tied for 21st against the run,

the Colts are counting on him to build upon his past successes and contribute to the team's efforts to remain competitive in the playoff race as the season progresses.

In conclusion, with Jonathan Taylor sidelined, Zack Moss's opportunity to step into the spotlight presents an exciting development for the Indianapolis Colts. As he prepares to lead the rushing attack in Week 13, Moss's previous successes and the confidence of his teammates position him to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the team's pursuit of success as they face a critical divisional matchup.


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