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"Goff's Shocking Response to Lions Taking the NFC North!"

Next week marks the 2023 NFL Draft, followed by organized team activities in May, mandatory minicamp in June, and training camp in July. Despite the buzz surrounding the Detroit Lions' offseason, quarterback Jared Goff recognizes that April hype means little come September.

He believes that there are no favorites to win anything in April, as much can change before the season starts. While Detroit is gaining momentum after a 9-8 finish in the 2022 campaign, Goff remains level-headed, acknowledging that there is plenty of work to be done.

The Lions haven't won a division title since 1993, and Goff doesn't believe that they have a bullseye on their backs just yet. However, he admits that the franchise's recent moves have made it more aggressive and has a different feel this year.

The Lions have made significant improvements to their defense and retained their coordinators while welcoming back several key players. Goff is optimistic about the team's chances and believes that they can compete with anyone.

While the hype and hope surrounding the Lions are likely to continue through September, Goff understands that the true measure of success won't be determined until the season starts.


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