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Greatest Packer of All-Time

It’s always exciting to debate who the best player in team history is. However, it is worth noting that many fans have varying opinions on who should be crowned the greatest Green Bay Packer of all time.

One popular option is Bart Starr, who led the Packers to a remarkable five NFL championships in the 1960s. His impressive statistics, including nearly 24,000 passing yards and 152 career touchdowns, have earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Another possible contender is Brett Favre, the ironman quarterback who played an incredible 16 seasons for the Packers and finished his career with over 71,000 passing yards and 508 touchdown passes. Favre won three NFL MVP awards and led the team to a Super Bowl victory in 1997.

Finally, it is impossible to ignore the impact made by Reggie White, the dominant defensive end who played for the Packers from 1993-1998. White was an eight-time All-Pro selection and accumulated an impressive 68.5 sacks during his time in Green Bay.

In conclusion, there are numerous candidates worthy of being considered the greatest Green Bay Packer of all time. Whether you prefer Starr, Favre, White, or even someone else entirely, there is no denying that the Packers have had a rich history of talented and successful players. Who do you think the greatest Packer of all time is


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