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NFL Power Rankings, Pre-Draft

Power Ranking have been long talked about and heavily debated each week. But the Buck gives you the real NFL Power Rankings, pre-draft edition.

10) Jacksonville Jaguars- This team is the biggest surprise from 2022. They started off super hot, then got super cold, then finished off super hot. A playoff win is a huge swing in the right direction for the Jags.

9) Dallas Cowboys- One thing you can always count on is the Dallas Cowboys being really, really good on paper. This pre-draft is no different. Cowboys on paper are a very good team; lets see if they can turn it around this year.

8) Detroit Lions- Not to be outdone by the Jags in 2022. The Lions had a great second half of the season. This is not why they are here; they are sitting at number 8 because they are putting together a great team. DO NOT sleep on them this season even if they start slow.

7) Minnesota Vikings- If they don't win the NFC North something is wrong, its simple as that. Team has the best WR in NFL, a top 5 RB, and top 10 QB at 1pm...

6) Kansas City Chiefs- Coming off another Superbowl win it was very hard to not to put them at number 1. However, this offseason they have made some moves that I think will hurt them later in the season.

5) Buffalo Bills- This is having been very up and down and 100% digressed in 2022. Getting knocked out of the playoff early last season I think has lit Josh Allen on fire again. And let's be honest, Diggs as well.

4) Philadelphia Eagles- Coming off a great 2022 season, they are only bound to get better. However, right now I am worried about the defense side of the ball. Will they be able to repeat 2022? Also, lets not forget, Jalen Hurts was in a prove season last year...

3) Miami Dolphins- When we talk about teams with the most upside, we can not look past the Dolphins. Great additions this offseason and a playoff berth last season. Look out.

2) San Franciso 49ers- 49ers are built to win right now, and they have been for the last 4 seasons. Jimmy G is now gone so I am worried about the quarterback play, queue Aaron Rodgers in the bay...or just Sam Darnold

1) Cincinnati Bengals- One of, if not the best off-season signing in Orlando Brown Jr has put the Bengals at the number 1 spot. Their weakness, o-line. Their focus this offseason, o-line.


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