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QB Kyle Trask has 'real starting-level talent'

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback battle ended with Baker Mayfield named the starter earlier this week. However, Kyle Trask put up a good effort to swing the predictable into a surprise. According to the team’s official website, offensive coordinator Dave Canales said, "If you watch Kyle's film and you throw on any of the games across the league, you'll see this is a real talent -- this is a real starting-level talent at quarterback. He just has [calmness] in the pocket, he's accurate and he just stays cool throughout the whole thing -- good or bad series, he's right back on it. Pretty cool."

Trask played a lot in the first two preseason games, displaying better poise in the pocket than expected and having a good arm. He went 26-of-38 (68.4 percent) for 317 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Although the decision to ride with Mayfield was about experience, Trask's preseason play and the glowing reviews from the coaches adds intrigue to the situation.

If the staff truly believes what it's said regarding Trask -- and it's not all just smoke -- should Mayfield struggle early in the season and the Bucs struggle, there could be a swift QB change. Mayfield has struggled at times, particularly under pressure, which has led to clubs moving on from him. But Mayfield has a chance to prove he's an NFL starter, and if he struggles again, Trask will be waiting in the wings for his first real opportunity.

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